Amber Sankaran
Lmbt NC#6416



In order to support the health and safety of office guests and family, Omra Bodywork will remained closed until further notice. Please feel free to reach out via email or text for any info or to put yourself on a waiting list for the future. Thank you and please take care of yourselves.

  • Over 10,000 hours hands-on massage experience.

  • Free parking.

  • Accepting all major credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, GooglePay with no additional credit card charges.

  • Free steamed towels, herbal therapy, and organic menthol muscle rub included in every massage.

  • Complimentary take-home herbal-infused bath salt included with every treatment.

  • Environmentally conscious products and supplies.

  • Up to date legal licensing, insurance, certification, and registration.

  • Sanitation and cleanliness standards expanding beyond state requirements.

  • Locally and indigenously sourced hand-crafted products, all beneficial to skin.

  • On-the-spot product personalization and massage firmness for your individual needs.

  • Weighted blanket. Regular blanket also available.

  • Customization add-in options available for $10-20.

  • Extra wide table with heater, bamboo memory foam, and multiple bolster options for complete comfort.

  • Orthopedic  headrest designed to relieve sinus pressure and prevent congestion.

  • Face-down prenatal massage option.

  • Over 300 hours post-training massage therapy continuing education.

  • Over 300 hours herbalism training.

  • Over 13 years full-time massage experience with 10 years in the 5-star spa industry.




Asheville Massage Therapist