Unscented and nut-free options available by request. Modest draping is always used. Free parking for the duration of your visit. Thorough sanitation standards are maintained with every treatment

1.  Signature Massage

60 / $80     90 / $110      120 / $150

injury recovery - muscle support - joint relief - preventative health - digestive support - relaxation - circulation - myofascial relief - athletic support - etc

Integrative therapeutic massage tailored to your individual firmness preference from Swedish to Deep Tissue.

Utilizing a combination of customized techniques, all signature integrative massage treatments include plant-based herbal oils, steamed towels, cooling therapeutic salve application, organic shea butter or coconut oil, herbal heat packs, warming extra wide memory foam massage table, sinus-relief  headrest, temperature controlled room, extra-soft sheets, and a weighted blanket option. The goal is for you to experience a level of comfort that allows you to focus only on your massage.  As with all massages at Omra Bodywork, you are given space to be silent during your treatment, unless you choose otherwise.

60 Minute:

Ideal for first-timers, overall recharge, or extended attention to 1-2 specific areas.  $80    

90 Minute:

The perfect amount of time to assure all aches and pains are acknowledged. Ideal for dream-state relaxation, extra attention to areas in need, or a rejuvenating mix of both. This is the most popular treatment option at Omra Bodywork. $110

120 Minute:

In-depth attention to every ache and tired muscle. More than enough time to allow mind and body to enter the ultimate state of healing and relaxation. $150

2.  Prenatal Massage 

60 / $80       90 / $110       120/$160

back pain - circulation - anxiety relief - blood pressure - joint relief - headaches - fluid retention - swelling sleeplessness - hormonal balance - depression

Maternity massage, or prenatal massage, has been proven time and time again to benefit both mama and baby during the entirety of pregnancy according to the American Pregnancy Association. Specifically 2nd and 3rd trimester mamas benefit from regular massage for multiple reasons including reduced anxiety and a gentler and quicker labor experiences.

You will be given the option of side-lying massage using multiple bolsters and pillow supports for healthy joint balance, or the option of a special pregnancy bolster that allows you to comfortably lie face-down with full cushioned support around your growing belly and chest. Special oils and butters will be used to nourish your skin while keeping you and baby safe from harmful chemicals.

3.  Peaceful Mind Massage

90 / $120     120 / $160

insomnia - anxiety - overwhelm- stress - mental/physical exhaustion - burnout - general discomfort - etc


The Peaceful Mind massage is meticulously crafted to lower anxiety at any level - from acute to chronic.

Implemented within this treatment are the most effective and proven anti-anxiety techniques including aromatherapy, parasympathetic massage, craniosacral, and more. These elements are handpicked and seamlessly integrated within this treatment with the primary intention of anxiety relief and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is your body's most efficient state of healing and balance.

This treatment features binaural and brainwave-sync music to steadily elevate your mind. You are given space to be silent so your body can settle into a self-healing mode. Expect cozy elements like steamed towels, warm extra wide memory foam massage table, and sinus-relief headrest to eliminate physical distractions while you drift into a hypnotic dream-state. You will experience the grounding elements of a cooling, comforting, full-body weighted blanket and the warmth of heated muscle packs. Included is homemade herb-derived analgesic massage oil to boost your brain's own built-in healing capabilities. The main ingredients in this oil have been proven to drastically ease anxiety, soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and aid in sleep. Also included is complimentary aromatherapy Epsom salt for a warm post-treatment soak at home.


Due to the time it takes to fully achieve and maintain this state of relaxation, this treatment is only available in 90 and 120 minute sessions.

4.  Integrative Hot Stone and Synergy Stone

60 / $100       90 / $130

injury recovery - warmth - tight muscle relief - active lifestyle - stiff joints - feeling fancy - etc

The warmth of naturally tumbled Volcanic Basalt stones and professional Synergy Stones work on a deeper level for a more efficient healing experience. This is a modified hot stone routine integrated with traditional massage techniques, actively utilizing the stones as tools to achieve a deep level of therapeutic massage throughout the entire treatment. Included is warm Labradorite pressure-point reflexology foot massage, customized plant-based herbal oils, sinus-relieving warm stone face massage, cooling green Jade face massage, steamed towels, and the usual comforts you have come to expect from Omra Bodywork. As with all massages at Omra Bodywork, you are given space to be silent during your treatment, unless you choose otherwise.

5. Ultimate Luxury Treatment + self-care kit

125 / $260

A luxury treatment with therapeutic benefits. 125 minutes of massage customized to your firmness preference, all six add-ins on the menu, and rotating seasonally exclusive products with a take-home giftbag featuring samples of all products used in the treatment along with some extra self-care goodies.


Included: Signature massage, garden herb-infused analgesic oil upgrade with concentrated mentholated salve, lymphatic body brushing, cleansing face refresh with organic cleanse, exfoliation, hydration, and mask, back exfoliation, foot exfoliation with deep hydration, reflexology hand and foot massage, and hot stone enhancement.


Included is an intentionally composed take-home self-care kit with mini OmraBodywork-exclusive offerings such as scrub, herbal oil, salve, body brush, bath salt, and even more indulgent self-care treats (in reusable/recyclable containers) so you can continue to enjoy the day's pampering in your own home.

(self-care kit exclusively available through this treatment)

Additional options available in-office or when you book online. Booked only in addition to a service listed above:

Cleansing Face Refresh

Back Exfoliation

Foot exfoliation and deep hydration

Dry body brush exfoliation with take-home brush

Hot Stone and Synergy Stone sampler

Organic garden herbs infused in coconut and hemp oil














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A sliding scale pricing option is available for 60 minute signature treatments only. Please inquire with OmraBodywork@gmail.com before booking your treatment in order to qualify. 






























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